Dexateens SunspereSUNSPHERE EP

The kings of the southern underground have awoken from an afternoon slumber that has left them frazzled and paranoid.

Apparently, their dreams inspired a collection of songs about a coming earthy deception and darkness, all of which was carefully planned by the synagogue of satan known to conspiracy theorists as the illuminati. Do these elusive Alabama characters really believe that their songs must be sung before the sun goes down and the darkness sets in?

This EP, Sunsphere was recorded over the span of three days in 2009 and is a document of a weekend-long punk rock party recording session that marked an end to regular touring for the band. This EP is the predecessor to the band’s more recently recorded full-length titled, Teenage Hallelujah due out in 2014.

catalog # CCR 002

available on CD, Vinyl, and iTunes

Limited edition hand pressed jackets for CD and Vinyl

12 inch 45 rpm on colored vinyl with download card



celestialTired of the same old singer-songwriter shtick?  You know… songs about dirt roads sung by boys that have never left the suburbs? adamAdam spent the earlier part of his career as  Adam Guthrie in the punk band Pain and decided to trade in his electric guitar for about 20 unpronounceable Middle Eastern stringed instruments. Ironically enough, the sound he creates with these odd instruments sounds less like the Taliban and more like an Appalachian acid trip. I’ve heard rumors of Adam performing with an ice crusher, a hand puppet and a balalaika. Google that one, or better yet, catch adamAdam as he supports his full length album, I Can Sing A Song, coming soon on Cornelius Chapel Records.



rattlerforwebIf Bad Brains came to Alabama to write a concept record about Old Testament prophecy and modern day spiritual warfare, you would get something sort of like Rattler. This band features Elliott McPherson and Brian Gosdin from the Dexateens, and Taylor Hollingsworth and Macey Taylor from the Mystic Valley Band. This lo-fi gem is guaranteed to offend Atheists and Christians alike. Due out in 2014 on Cornelius Chapel Records.